Laia Netto

Hello to all!

I’am Laia Netto, children artist and communicator. I would like throught these lines to get to know me a little better.

My story began in the coastal town of Palamos, Girona, where i was born all that i am and all that i want to convey. There, it was the light of the mediterranean wich gave me te welcome to the world and to my first passion, the love for the sea and his wonderfull expression.

Telling stories draw and express myself was during my first years of life, in Barcelona, what i liked the most. This it was not until the age of eight when all my intentions acquired by order from under the umbrella of the Madrilenian Waldorf School. There thanks to the teaching methods based on the ideas of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner, was where my taste for colors was born. I still can remember on my first piece of paper in class of watercolor i wanted to paint a house with a fireplace and a colleague came up to me and opened my eyes and told me :┬╗It could not draw shaper, have to play with the colors┬╗. Around me a crowd of guys already used to raw materials for modeling on canvas small portions of reallity. For the preparation of the paper, the watercolors and other tools i learned is a kinda ritual of warmth and spirituallity that i never abandon yet; was that contact with the expression a unmatched starting point for my trainning as a person and artist. In addition the paint will accompany the weave, the children’s theaters, the work on the land and ultimately of the manual.

As o could not be otherwise, i continue learning in the Arts and crafts School of Madrid, close to the Circulo de bellas artes, school in the Baccalaureate Artistic that curse. But at that time was necessary to leave the capital to return to Barcelona, where a my roots are and precisely there is where i discovered the other great pillar of my career; the children. During this period i alternated my studies in illustration with work dedicated to children as my drawings in the children’s section of the magazine Tot Sant Cugat or the murals in rooms for babies and children.

Increasingly felt that connection with the child’s world and the innate need for communication via art, i decided to take the leap, and pursue a specialized course in Child Illustration by ESDIP Madrid. The return to the city of the bear and the strawberry tree contributed to my personal maturity, my independence and i served as a shuttle for a multiple jobs of illustration as the development in the company or video Etic -Etac personal curriculum.

Throught my work i have the honor of delivering a little bit of my heart, my effort and my thoughts to anyone who wants to be part of my small universe.







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