Children’s book

Children’s books illustration is one of my specialities. I’m creating my own stories, illustrations and layouts. Starting from skratch, an idea that is born in my mind evolves and becomes reality. If you’d love to have your own exclusive, unique book, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Gordito is a story about a robot who doesn’t feel that he’s from Earth. He’s a engineer who belives he’ll find his place on the moon. He decides to build a spacecraft, move over there and discover who he is. His trip won’t be easy, but he’ll find the key to this special self-knowledge journey.

Children’s book story



What We Did

A digital Children’s book

No matter what kind of story.

Give me an idea, and i’ll give it life.

And allow it to fully shine.

New stories want to come out to the light, we’ll get a feedback and then will work very hard, to get your initial idea.