Digital Illustration

In this section you’ll find my work in digital illustration, from cartoon style to a more realistic one, specified in different modules.

For these kind of assignments I work with Adobe Photoshop and illustrator, and Adobe Premiere for video editing.

  • If you are looking for an illustrator who can create video material with storytelling, you’ll find it here!
  • Also available for video resume,infographicsand video presentations for products.
  • Realistic and cartoon-style portraits.



Comisions,, video CV

What i Did

Digital illustrations for different clients and areas.

I’m not just an illustrator

My illustrations try telling what you feel

Your thoughts through my lines.

Animated video and storytelling for a client in Madrid, Spain.

Children’s illustration is my passion

Avatars for

illustrated clothes, from t-shirts to stickers and school supplies.

Comision portraits

Realistic illustrations

as a gift 

Digital illustrations

simulating traditional media

Soft brushes, as a color pencils or watercolors.

Designing for

Illustrated adhesive stickers to decorate rooms and clothes.

Illustrated clothes

for adults and children

with love

Different designs for my own brand KUFLINKS.