In this creativity workshop, they will learn to build their own illustrated notebook with free technique step by step.  They will unlock creativity with manual techniques that will help them create our notebook by staining their hands and using materials such as watercolor pencils, markers, and paint with natural pigments.  Your notebook will function as a library of images, ordered by categories (objects, animals, vegetation, characters, buildings …)

They will experience what happens to their drawings and to their own hand or style when they mix techniques, change tools or combine all of them.

From the knowledge of techniques and drawing, they will start to draw while playing, to create from an automatic drawing, in which the rational remains in the background compared to the pictorial, the game, the line, the error, and the search.  By the end of the course, they will have been able to experiment with various pictorial techniques and mental processes that will help them to conceive their drawings.


Children from 6 to 12 years old who enjoy creating and are not afraid of staining their hands.


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